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Welcome to the Story Bank. Here you will find a collection of short stories I have written, mostly though not entirely Science fiction. My current favourite is probably either The Leaving, Hippocratic Progression or Mirror but you can find the complete list, in chronological order, below. Several of my short stories are set in the Galactic Empire universe and you can also access them from the Imperium web site, along with general information on the Galactic Empire itself.

I am interested in any constructive critism anyone feels able to offer and you can contact me by e-mail at the address shown below. If you like any of these stories please sign my guestbook.

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An extract from the first chapter of Infinity2, the (long) story I am currently working on.


Eight hundred years ago a starship discovered a perfectly reflective sphere in deep space. Now, it's back.
Four Sides to a Pentagon
This should not ever remotely under any circumstances be considered science fiction. It is also not particularly serious but, on the plus side, some people do die. Think Douglas Adams meets James Bond and you'll be no closer to understanding what this story is about but you'll have a wonderful image in your head.
Only Human
The confessions of Admiral Yuri Stephenov, a man who actually witnessed the foundation of the Galactic Empire.
Twelve Billion and One
A brief comment on the rise of the consumer society and the death of pure science.

Vengeance is Mine!
I think the title says it all.
Opinions of Value
What is the value of an achievement?

Scientific Method
Be careful who you experiment on.

Rats and Mice
A very short story which you'll just have to read.
Hippocratic Progression
The future of medicine.
A story I wrote while on safari in South Africa.
Lucky for Some
A different perspective.
From Behind the Lines
Erm, I can't really think of anything to write about this one which won't give the entire point away.
General Salvation Fault
A lighthearted look at religion from a computerised point of view. (Anyone puritanical/software engineers should probably not read this story).
Matters of Indecision
The first story in the Imperial series.
Battles Lost
Ah, the stubbornness of the military mind.
Rocks and Hard Places
All is not always what it seems.
The Leaving
A less than lighthearted piece about the end of the world.
Night of the Long Knives
High speed warfare for the digital age ;-)

Point of Origin
The first couple of chapters of my longest story (to date).

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