A-level Exam Results 2000 - Maths: A, Further Maths: A, Physics: A, Economics: A, General Studies: A
It's me - in a manner of speaking

Welcome to my home page

Greetings all! Welcome, travellers, Adelaide casino bonus to my home on the web. The way I see it there are three reasons why you could be at this page. Firstly, you mistakenly typed in http://www.ridex.co.uk when you intended to type in http://www.microsoft.com. This is a common mistake caused by cronic stupidity and luckily there is a simple solution. Of course, having already determined the fact that you are unable to distinguish me from Microsoft, it is highly unlikely that you could manage the solution even if I told you so I just won't bother ;-).

Another possibility is that you followed a link here. Aliante casino bonus Of course I don't know where that link came from and I can only hope that you were happier that you arrived at this page than you were at having departed from the previous one. In any case, welcome (again) and I hope that you are not tempted to hit the back button in your browser immediately.

Thirdly, the most controversial possibility is that you typed in this page's address into your browser. If you made the rookie mistake of visiting this page as the first since you came on-line you will, of course, be devoid of the quick escape of the 'back' button in your browser to escape. I trust that I will have your attention for the duration of time that it takes you to slam some random keys on your keyboard, hit return and find yourself staring at the glorious peace of a '404 not found' message.

Perhaps I discounted the possibility that someone might actually have visited this page for the purpose of reading it. (Don't you have something better to do with your time? Really? I know how you feel, I don't either.) In that case you are probably curious about me, and that is good - curiousity never hurt anybody (except possibly the cat but we'll just let that rest shall we). Anyway, how could I disappoint someone on such a quest for information?

Name: Oliver Pell
Age: 18 years
Date of Birth: 3/5/82
Composition: Water, carbon compounds, DNA etc. You?

Interests: Writing, fencing, clay pigeon shooting, swimming, politics, high energy particle physics (you asked)
Currently... writing this page, obviously.

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E-Mail: Odp@ridex.co.uk
Web: www.ridex.co.uk

So, let me ask you a question - inanimate web document to person - did that help you live your life? No, I didn't think so. It's not my fault, it really isn't. I have spent about four years on the Internet and I have yet to determine the exact justification for so called "personal home pages". Personal home pages (like this one really) just end up containing a load of mildly curious junk (like this one really) written when the owner had some spare time with nothing on television (like this one really).

You still here? Honestly. You'll be wanting to know what I had for breakfast next.......fine, toast. Happy?

Obviously not. Well, some more about me then. I have one brother and one sister, both younger than me. I've just finished studying for A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics at Merchant Taylors' School in Northwood, UK. When I'm not studying, otherwise working, shooting small clay frisbees out of the sky or poking people with pieces of metal I'm probably writing. I mainly write science fiction short stories but I have also written one longer book-sized story called Point of Origin. The first few chapters of Point of Origin as well as most of my shorter stories are available at my Story Bank. I also wrote a maths essay entitled Cryptology for the Hodgetts Mathematics Prize at MTS.

If I'm not writing, I might be asleep. But, assuming that we can disregard that possibility it could also be because my computers aren't working.

A few years ago I was also involved in the Young Enterprise scheme. The company our group founded was called Enigma Publications and produced revision guides for GCSE science subjects. I strongly recommend that anyone considering participating in the Young Enterprise scheme visit our web site (but then I would, wouldn't I). I'm mildly amazed that it's still up and running since no-one has touched it for over a year.

This part of the page did contain a brief recounting of my recent acheivements (brief by necessity, there's only a limited amount you can write about a limited amount, so to speak). Most of my confusion about what to do with it probably derives from my current status as a student-in-limbo. I suppose there's still a semi-reasonable argument for listing some achievements. I dismally failed to better my record last year of 4 end of year prizes (mathematical essay, physics, computer studies, business enterprise) with a mere 2 (economics, computer studies) but I also achieved 5 A grades at A-level which I regard as my consolation prize ;-). Economics is a subject I really enjoyed but I somehow doubt that my chosen university course (an MEng in Information Systems Engineering at Imperial College, London) contains much. Still...

I guess I'm running out of space. And time. And energy. Just as well, really. I really hate to think what would happen to my phone bill if I didn't require any kind of rest.

What home page would be complete without a set of links at the bottom? I'll answer my own question and say that I don't know - but I'm going to put some links down here anyway ;-).

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